Mr. Coconut is a contestant in the Total Drama series.

Total Drama: The SequelEdit

Mr. Coconut was the second eliminated from the show and came in 13th place.

In Episode 1, he arrived at the camp. He didn't do much and was assisted around by Owen the whole episode. During the elimination vote he decided to vote for Owen (who voted for him) to be eliminated. During the results Owen was eliminated by 1 vote and Mr. Coconut was safe.

In Episode 2, he was assisted around by Lindsay the whole episode. He voted to eliminate Staci during the voting. In the end he was eliminated, coming in 13th place out of 14.

Total Drama: Season 4Edit

Mr. Coconut was the first eliminated from the show, but returned during the merge and was eliminated again coming in 8th place.

In Episode 1, he arrived with Lindsay who assisted him the whole episode. He ended up being sent home.

In Episode 8, he returned to camp and was assisted by Lindsay the whole episode. In the end he was sent home again.

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